DIY Hydrogen Conversion Kit

A homemade Hydrogen conversion kit would work on almost all makes and model of vehicle, once installed you can expect to have an improvement on gas mileage instantly. And it can also be removed easily and instantly, without causing any damage to the unit or to the engine, so if you are planning to sell your car you could keep the generator, put it on to your new vehicle.

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The most common container used for this type of hydrogen bongs for sale conversion kit is a plastic pipes called PVC. These PVC pipes are found on almost all the hardware stores you can see. It is cheap and very easy to work with. But the more complicated containers are made from Stainless steel that has been treated with chemicals. For the people who want to make this container for the hydrogen generator, you can use the PVC pipe to lessen your expenses and use the tool available in your home, if you have any. What you will need are as follows: PVC pipe which 3 or 4 inches in diameter; End caps, use the same size as the pipe; 1/2 an inches threaded fittings with 3/8 inch of tubing outlet; 1/2 an inch of thread tap; a drill and bits; wood saw or other tool you can use to cut the PVC pipe; any waterproof sealant; a PVC cement or glue; 3/8 inch rubber tubing.

The 1st step is to drill two holes on the cover for the inlet and outlet of the generator, and then use the thread taps to thread them in fittings. If you haven’t done this before, you need to make a hole smaller than the tap. On our coiled anodes, we used a torch or solder to heat the end of the electrical connection tabs until they are hot enough to make the small holes in the plastic, and then push them through the cap. If you are using wires or bolts, you have to drill two small holes for those too. It is not suggested to make an internal connection, unless, you have a degree in chemistry, or you really know what you are doing

Making the bubbler tank is just the same. This one should have a fitting on it for gas in tube or water in tube from the generator, and a return line. The line in, and return lines, needs to be located near the bottom of the bubbler, it is below the fluid level. And the gas out should be at the top point of the unit.

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