Retro Gaming Discussion – Urban Strike

 Retro Gaming Discussion – Urban Strike


Jungle Strike did seem very complete as far as the improvements and everything went, but how could Electronic Arts up the ante? They answered that with Urban Strike, which kept the basic formula of the Strike series an 38 super ammo for sale improved upon it. And now, instead of out in the hot desert or the green maze called a jungle, they’ve set it in the awe inspiring big cities of North America.

The story continues right where Jungle Strike left off. A madman named H.R. Malone, who actually turns out to be Carlos Ortega from the second game, is trying to start World War III once again. You have your same helicopter once again, going around and stopping the terrorism against the world. You have two other vehicles as well, another helicopter called the Blackhawk and a Ground Assault Vehicle. But the other big improvement in this game is that you also have on foot missions to complete, where you have to come out with guns and start firing.

The premise of the gameplay in this game remains unchanged from the previous games. You have ten levels with a set amount of missions to complete in each level. The levels are based on real world locations, like New York, San Francisco, Mexico, Vegas, among many others. Your missions range from blowing stuff up to rescuing and capturing, just like in the previous games. I guess EA lived by the code of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. And that is what makes the game exciting.

Once again, you will need to keep an eye on your ammo, fuel, and armor levels. Running out of ammo means you’re basically a sitting duck until you go around and find more firepower. No fuel means no operation of your vehicle, but you have fuel cans to refill your tank. And of course if all your armor is gone, your vehicle is destroyed, but you have armor repair around as well.

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