Wall Street to Main Street: News, Views and Commentary: May 26, 2006


It’s Friday May 26, 2006, and it’s the last day of the exchanging week and the start of a long weekend for the market. Most importantly we need to remind everybody to bring down their banners to half-staff in memory of the troopers that have fallen fighting to keep the United States of America free. We likewise need to send our considerations out to every one of the groups of fallen officers of the latest conflict that is occurring in Iraq.


Presently lets get serious, history was made yesterday and some a fair consequence was given in a Texas Courtroom, as Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were viewed as blameworthy. This is the pair that independently constrained the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or SOX to be laid out following the breakdown of Enron that passed on many individuals without benefits to return to. So this is a little requital as the pair could use whatever remains of their lives in jail. They will engage decision yet it might do them no decent, as they will simply defer the inescapable a couple of more months or something like that. I don’t imagine that anybody was truly stunned by the decision however the groups of the respondents, as Lay and Skilling argued the “It Wasn’t Me” guard. So lets trust that they are provided with cleanser on a rope.


Presently what this pair did is a long ways from an investment opportunities issuance, however the investment opportunities test actually proceeds and is developing. Organizations are being hauled into this test that are great organizations and have done well for financial backers, organizations like UnitedHealth (NYSE: UNH) and Power Integrations (NASDAQ: POWI) which we end up enjoying yet this test is a foreboding shadow over both of these organizations. Presently what all of this examination may really do is discourage great CEO’s from running public organizations and drive them into the private areas.


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The NAMC Newswire before long will send off another Stock Alert program where endorsers of Wall Street to Main Street will likewise get


Tid Bits


Michael Dell or Dell, Inc (NASDAQ: DELL) has been awoken, and when you stir a dormant beast things truly do start to occur. Dell has inked an arrangement with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to have Google’s product pack in huge number of new Dell PCs emerging from the manufacturing plant. So this is simply one more advance for Dell as their subsequent stage is the retail area.


Hurray (NASDAQ: YHOO) has tracked down collaboration with eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) as the organizations collaborate in a long term association that will draw on the qualities of both Yahoo and eBay in internet publicizing, installments and interchanges so they can interface with much more Web surfers than they as of now do. This is an essential move for the two organizations as they rally to battle the powerful Google.


As we expected Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) beat the opposition and has won the bid to fabricate Singapore’s first club today. LVS is the biggest gambling club administrator on the planet and this section into Singapore is a major advance for the organization as the net revenues in Asia for gambling clubs are a lot higher than in the United States so you can expect Las Vegas Sands to effectively exchanged over its multi week high of $73.14, as financial backers and foundations start to understand their future potential. This organization could really get more income than any other time in recent memory once this club is finished.




A few significant movers in yesterday exchanging meeting incorporate Stone Energy (NYSE: SGY) which exchanged up $9.19 to close at $49.95, the run up is because of a purchase out offer from Energy Partners Limited (NYSE: EPL) of $2 billion, Big Lots (NYSE: BLI) exchanged up $2.80 to close at $16.31 because of a surprisingly good profit figure, this pushed Big Lots to a two-year high, Companhia Energetica (NYSE: CIG) exchanged up $5.22 to close at $41.05, J2 Global Communications (NASDAQ: JCOM) exchanged up $3.20 to close at $28.15, eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) exchanged up $3.68 to close at $33.88, United Natural Foods (NASDAQ: UNFI) exchanged up $3.31 to close at $33.72 and Geoglobal Resources (AMEX: GCR) which exchanged up $1.07 to close at $6.32.




Because of economic situations we tracked down it important to make our perusers/audience members mindful of organizations that have been taking somewhat beating, a portion of these stocks might be at a rebate yet you really want to do your examination, take a gander at the graphs and ensure that nothing generally has changed with the organization and regardless of whether it is simply being hauled by the market. There are organizations that are really a captive to the Dow and present purchasing open doors.


A few stocks that exchanged down yesterday incorporate Joy Global (NASDQ: JOYG). Presently this is a stock that was torn separated in previous days it was definitely exaggerated to exchange meeting and it. They revealed that their benefit multiplied yet that was because of further developed edges, something that wouldn’t be rehashed in ongoing quarters. So the dealers turned marching through main street and more modest financial backers followed. The stock went as low at $45.77 before organizations moved in at around 2:30 pm EST plus or minus a couple of moments, and began to purchase modest stock. As the need might arise to search out oversold circumstances like Joy Global on the grounds that surprisingly rapidly down in an exchanging meeting as they could without much of a stretch return up once the draining stops. For this reason we will start stock alarms on the NAMC Newswire for our supporters..


Oh well, business as usual, another circumstance that was oversold, the China based internet game administrator and engineer, The9 Limited (NASDAQ: NCTY) dropped down $3.55 to close at $23.72, the stock dropped as low as $21.89 before the draining started to stop. They came up short with their profit this hauled the stock down, So you have either a surge of shorts making a plunge or a couple of foundations dumping shares, regardless it puts the stock on a descending example, financial backers frenzy and begin to dump and in specific cases powers the stock to break specific levels on the outlines which trigger much really selling. However at that point you have base fishers that are searching for circumstances like this and they typically benefit pleasantly from it.


Presently lets take a gander at an organization called Libbey (NYSE: LBY) it has been descending the mountain after two or three endeavors of making up development. The stock broke a one-month low and could fall lower however this is certifiably not a mass auction, the stock is simply steadily separating on the graph. It exchanged down 86 pennies to close at $11.38 yesterday and could proceed with that descending development as the following help level is in the $9.50 territory. At that level you might observe a passage point however not before then, at that point,


Different stocks that exchanged down yesterday incorporate Lyon Williams Homes (NYSE: WLS) which exchanged down $9.05 to close at $122.00, Genesco (NYSE: GCO) exchanged down $2.00 to close at $36.55, Omnicare (NYSE: OCR) exchanged down $3.54 to close at $44.46, Blue Coat Systems (NASDAQ: BCSI) exchanged down $3.91 to close at $15.65, MWI Vetinary Supply (NASDAQ: MWIV) exchanged down $2.99 to close at $30.19, Books-A-Million (NASDAQ: BAMM) shut down $1.22 to close at $14.13 and KongZhong (NASDAQ: KONG) which exchanged down 95 pennies to close at $11.55.


Expert Upgrades/Downgrades


Late Analyst overhauls incorporate Joy Global (NASDAQ: JOYG) the oversold stock was moved up to a Buy from a Neutral by UBS, Superior Bancorp (NASDAQ: SUPR) was moved up to a Buy from a Neutral by FTN Midwest Research, Volt Information Sciences (NYSE: VOL) was moved up to a Buy from a Neutral by Sidoti and Co, Alkermes (NASDAQ: ALKS) was moved up to a Buy from a Neutral by Pacific Growth Equities, Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW) was moved up to a Buy from a Neutral by Merrill Lynch, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) was moved up to a Peer Perform from Under Perform by Bear Stearns, and SkyWest (NASDAQ: SKYW) was given a move up to a Strong Buy from an Out Perform by Raymond James.

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