Father Ernetti and the Philosopher’s Stone


What’s more, there will be many ‘specialists’ who say that light speed is as yet not transcendable or that time is direct and it is unimaginable to expect to do numerous things that I place in these pages, I know. I offer up this site to these individuals and say that every bit of relevant information of what Black Ops and different specialists of genuine information seek after isn’t heavily influenced by NASA or The Smithsonian and other public or somewhat straightforward design of the scholarly world and government. Here is a site worth investigating that talks about a portion of the things that many have known for quite a while. It does exclude the Catholic researcher/physicist who apparently has fostered a chronovisor related to Werner von Braun and Fermi’s bits of feedbacks that would be like one thing the Philosopher’s Stone could accomplish

“Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (1925-1994) was a Benedictine cleric, researcher, and a-list expert on “antiquated” music (pre-Christian to tenth century A.D.). He professed to have burdened quantum material science to the mysterious expressions to build a time-machine- – the chronovisor. Father Ernetti said he had made a trip to Rome in 169 B.C. to observe a presentation of the now-lost misfortune, Thyestes, by the dad of Latin verse, Quintus Ennius. He professed to have utilized the chronovisor to watch Christ passing on the cross. How could so recognized a churchman have wanted to confabulate such a story? Is the Vatican smothering the full reality of Father Ernetti’s life and accomplishments?” (1)


It is right to say there are numerous impressions of what the Philosopher’s Stone is for sure the ‘Incomparable Work’ of The Philosopher’s strength genuinely be. There likely have been some that are viewed as chemists who have deluded the overall population about it at different times because of the Inquisitions similarly as was valid with one more of the journeys of the chemist. I allude in this example to the homonunclus or counterfeit man that was made by Thomas Aquinas and his tutor and once Dominican minister Frater Albertus Magnus. They were nearly all around as Divinely Inspired as Constantine in their solution to the specialists of the apostasy preliminary they were going to confront.


Actually I would give Constantine the Peabody Benefits are given  Award for Marketing as he (A Mithras admirer who was made heavenly by his youngsters at the place of his demise in the agnostic custom of Roman Empire-developers, who additionally had large numbers of their family members killed in horrendous ways at that crossroads.) co-selected the educating of Christ. It is my viewpoint that Christ was a chemist similar to his predecessors including Solomon, and Melchizedek. The interests are numerous without a doubt. Today a great many people actually think there is truth in the untruth that chemists were recluses looking to make lead into gold but that was the craving of totally materialistic archaic rulers and aristocrats. Chemists such as myself truly do need to experience the recluse presence if they (like me) are reluctant to sell out, however a large number of them are inside the entrails of the authority. They urged numerous fakirs to make a case for being able to do things they couldn’t do.


Aquinas and Frater Albertus (extraordinarily respected by one of the Illuminati organizers – Goethe) said that their homonunclus was ‘the talking-head of Jesus’. Presently what could that truly have been that they made? I propose they were currently making a Stone and had a method for predicting specific occasions that any semblance of Edward Kelley did. He also is said to have had a Stone and England’s apparently most noteworthy researcher (and spy) John Dee trusted Kelley. Be that as it may, I think Aquinas and Magnus had exactly the same thing Kelley had – a scryring stone or skull. Such skulls as are found in Mexico have a numerous centuries artifactual relationship in precursor love all through the ages and all societies have had some sort of shamanistic individuals who adjusted through them.


I realize that this is anything but a full response and it is absolutely impossible that I can offer a genuine and full response in a couple of pages. The lies of those concealing the information are risen to by the lies of those chasing or dreading the information.

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